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Walking Dead’s’ Scott Gimple on His Fears as Showrunner, ‘Remix’ Approach to Season 4

via Hollywood Reporter:

The longtime fan (and reader) of the comic series opens up to THR about replacing Glen Mazzara and learning from his predecessors. “I’m trying to take a greatest-hits approach and take the best of both those runs and run with it. As far as my own personal stamp, it’s more of what we do here already with character-driven stories.”

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Emily Kinney Performing In NYC This Weekend!

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She plays Beth Greene on the smash hit show “The Walking Dead” — and she’s also an accomplished singer-songwriter.

Emily Kinney is set to perform on Saturday at Rockwood Music Hall on the Bowery.

Originally from Nebraska, the actress/singer/songwriter said she was into music long before getting into acting. But performing in both fields is what has allowed her to flourish.

“With acting, there’s times when you’re really busy and there’s also a little downtime. I think one reason I’ve become so passionate about songwriter is because there have been times when you don’t have acting work and I still want to be creative.”

In addition to her role on The Walking Dead, Kinney has also made various guest appearances on shows like The Good Wife, Law & Order: SVU and The Game Killers.

When it comes to songwriter, she credits Regina Spektor, Mariah Carey and Tom Waits.

“I write all my songs,” she said. “I write a lot about relationships, and things like that. It’s kind of pop-folk sort of sound.”

Sounds like the opposite of the post-apocalyptic scenes from The Walking Dead.

“It’s kind of a good balance in my life,” she said.