Review: The Walking Dead Trading Cards
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Review: The Walking Dead Trading Cards

TWDS4_PT1_BOOSTER Today I have something pretty exciting to share with you guys. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a full box of Walking Dead trading cards! These are made by Cryptozoic Entertainment and they cover Season 4, Part 1. You can check out more info about the cards, including where to buy them, at their site.

In case your memory is fuzzy, this set covers our group making a life at the prison, when a deadly flu epidemic spreads throughout, threatening all their lives. After they get through that, the Governor returns and attacks the prison, scattering the survivors into many separate groups. Finally, some of them arrive at Terminus, hoping it is a safe haven.

Each box of cards contains 24 packs with 5 cards in each pack. I managed to get the full set of the 72 base cards, plus I was lucky enough to get an autograph card, a prop card AND a wardrobe card! I also got all the Poster cards and Character Bio cards. I also got the full set of Terminus cards, which are 9 cards you put together to make a larger poster of Rick & Carl Grimes.

photo 10


There are 72 cards in the base pack, and they feature high quality images on the front and the back. They capture all the important moments throughout the season.

base-1-26 base-1-42 base-1-64 photo 20


The Poster cards are a set of 4 and feature Tyreese, Carol, Daryl & Beth.

photo 4



There are 9 Character Bio cards and this set features Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Carl Grimes, Michonne, Carol Peletier, Hershel Greene, Beth Greene, Tyreese Williams and the Governor. These have some really nice shots of the characters and highlights how much the cast changes – 4 of the 9 characters have since died. Rest in peace to all (except the Governor!)


chase-1-01-rick chase-1-02-daryl


The Terminus cards remind me of the cards I used to collect when I was a kid. You’d have to get the full set to put together and make one large card. I was a little worried when I was opening the packs, I had pretty much opened all of them and Rick’s head was nowhere to be seen. But there he was in the last pack I opened!

terminus 1

terminus 2

terminus 3


As I said I was pretty lucky to get one of each of the randomly inserted cards. I got a Terminus resident wardrobe card:

photo 6

And I got Sunkrish Bala (Dr. S) card. I don’t know if this is considered a “variant” or not, but all the photos I have seen online of this one don’t have the extra “#TWDS4” on them. Pretty cool! I miss you Dr S!

photo 8

And finally, I got this awesome Daryl Dixon prop card, with part of a wine bottle.

photo 7

There are plenty of other special cards that you could get too, such as these:

TWDS4_MEM10.2 twds4_mem24


I wasn’t fortunate enough to receive one of these, but I thought I’d show you what you could get anyway:

scott-houseman-wds4_001-1 sean-pence-wds4_001-1

All in all, this is a pretty awesome set for any Walking Dead fan. I’d suggest getting the collectible binder as well. I can’t wait to see what the next set holds! Again, check out the Cryptozoic site for more information and where to buy these cards.

Exclusive Interview: Jose Cantillo (Martinez)
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Exclusive Interview: Jose Cantillo (Martinez)

I had the pleasure this week to interview Jose Cantillo, who played Martinez on The Walking Dead:

Debbie: First of all thanks so much for doing this interview! Of course, Walking Dead fans knew you as Martinez. How did you get the part? Had you read the comics beforehand?

Jose Cantillo: I had to audition for the part of Martinez and performed dummy sides on tape with casting here in LA. I was aware of the comics but had not read them all – but I did read up on Martinez before heading to Atlanta. When the show first cast its leads, I actually read opposite the actors during their screen tests and learned about the comics then… it’s been incredible to watch what the show grow into the phenomenon it is now.

In the comics, Martinez dies in a different way. What did you think about the decision to have the Governor be the one who led to your demise as opposed to Rick? Would you have liked for your character to spend some time at the prison? Continue reading Exclusive Interview: Jose Cantillo (Martinez)