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Disruptor Beam’s Upcoming Walking Dead Mobile Game “March To War”

Mobile games frequently lack a compelling narrative, but as with all of their titles, Disruptor Beam prioritizes the story-driven experience for players. This is no exception with their upcoming strategy game, The Walking Dead: March to War.

From the harrowing stories players will experience to the haunting artwork created for the game, Lead Narrative Designer Jessica Sliwinski talks about Disruptor Beam’s approach to story development in this latest blog post.

The Walking Dead: March to War is a story-driven multiplayer strategy game. Players must fight alongside and against others for control of scarce resources in and around a devastated Washington D.C., while fending off walkers and attempting to rebuild society. As the leader of a group of survivors, each player will assemble a team including a council of well-known characters from The Walking Dead such as Rick, Michonne, and Negan. Players will defend their camp against hordes of walkers and, the bigger threat, other survivors. Inspired by the stark look of The Walking Dead comics, March to War will feature rich 3D graphics unlike anything seen in other The Walking Dead or strategy mobile games. Fans can sign up to receive game updates and to receive a captive walker in-game at launch by visiting

This looks awesome!! I am am not very good at these games but I will definitely be giving it a try.

How about you? Will you try it out once it’s released later this year??