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Emmy “For Your Consideration” Episodes and Info

1432820641_amc-walking-dead has an article up looking at the package that AMC sent out to Emmy voters, asking them to consider episodes of their shows to be nominated for an Emmy. Above is a look at The Walking Dead portion of the package. Here are the episodes they submitted for consideration:

501 “No Sanctuary” The group escapes from Terminus.

503 “Four Walls and a Roof” Rick’s group kills Gareth’s group, Bob dies and the group splits up.

505 “Self Help” Abraham’s flashback, his group is slowed down on the way to DC when the bus crashes and Eugene confesses.

506 “Consumed”
Daryl and Carol travel to the city to look for Beth; they meet Noah.

509 “What Happened and What’s Going on” Tyreese is bitten and dies.

512 “Remember” The group arrives at Alexandria and are interviewed by Deanna.

514 “Spend” The group starts taking on jobs and are settling in at Alexandria. Noah and Aiden die while on a run. Carol tells Rick he has to kill Pete.

516 “Conquer” Daryl and Aaron are on a mission and meet Morgan, who they bring back to Alexandria. We meet The Wolves, who are now on their way to the safe zone. The Alexandria residents hold a town meeting to decide what to do about Rick. The gate is accidentally left open and walkers get in. Pete accidentally kills Reg, and Rick kills Pete.

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