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Emmys: ‘Walking Dead’s’ Glen Mazzara on Killing a Beloved Character

THR: Looking at season three as a whole, you’ve killed off a few major characters — including one who’s still alive and kicking in the comics. What was the decision like to kill Andrea?
Mazzara: They’re all difficult decisions. I thought it was important that we always show that no one is safe. It’s also important to show the effect that these deaths have on our other characters. Andrea’s death, for example, I knew Rick was going to finally open up the gates of the prison after a season in which he’s trying to hide away from the world and lock everybody away and keep them safe. He realizes what that means — that our group is now becoming isolated and will be picked off, that his own son is on the road to becoming the Governor (David Morrissey), so he has to open up the gates and let other people in and be compassionate. At the end of the finale, he brings in these women, children and elderly people and the group is going to transform. There needed to be a blood sacrifice for that, and there had to be a price that was paid. Andrea paying that price was important. She is unable to re-enter the group. In a way, a lot of what she did was bring the two groups together. But she’s never able to enter the prison and be reunited in a full way with Rick’s group. That was an ultimate sacrifice that was worthy of the season finale.

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Emmys: ‘Walking Dead’s’ Glen Mazzara on Killing a Beloved Character

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