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Horror Block Received!

On Friday I received my Horror Block! Here are some photos of what I received:

  • The great box that it came in, with “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” on it. Even the packing tape was bloody!
  • The latest edition of Rue Morgue magazine – introduced me to the movie Curtains which I watched after reading about it in the magazine.
  • A random Walking Dead Funko Pop figure – Bicycle Girl
  • A horror mystery mini figure. I got Jason Voorhees! I love this!
  • Gelaskins Killer Stickers, with Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, Chucky and more.
  • A joke bar of soap that turns red like blood when you use it.
  • A Freddy Krueger t-shirt

( John Cena not included! I just used that to cover up my address 😉 )


Horror Block costs just $20 per month plus shipping, and this is just an example of what you can get each month.