The Walking Dead Star Finds Thrill In Snitching
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The Walking Dead Star Finds Thrill In Snitching



When actor Jon Bernthal starred in acclaimed zombie-takeover show The Walking Dead as (the now actually dead) Shane Walsh, he was able to bring humanity to a role that could easily be described as a violent psychopath.

In his new movie Snitch as the character Daniel James, Bernthal continues to tread the line between good and bad, something he admitted he enjoyed in a recent interview with theMusic.

“I know I don’t think about playing a good guy or a bad guy,” he says. “But someone who’s going through tough times…well, I dig roles like that. The way Daniel James acts in this situation, well, it’s not what I would do. But I respect the way he makes his decisions, the strength of character behind it. People can make huge mistakes but if they can find a way back from that, it’s something I respect very much and something I really like playing.”

The thrill of a role that has redeeming qualities is as important to an action movie as it having “street cred” according to Bernthal.

“At its core it’s about a father and the lengths he’ll go to for his son. It’s a movie with a real social conscience. It’s based on a true story, which gives us a certain amount of street cred, and it also really goes into a close examination of all of these characters. Getting to play this guy with this chequered past but now wants nothing more to provide a good life for his family, for his son, but has to make some really hard decisions in order to do that, well, that was a real thrill for me.”


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AMC Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Still Be Around in 2022

The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Walking Dead has seen quite a lot of ups and downs in the three seasons it’s been on the air. Still, despite shake-ups, budget-cuts and re-shoots, The Walking Dead lives on. Coming off its highest ratings ever, AMC’s renewal of the show for season 4 surprised precisely no one.

Beyond that, how long will the series last?

Given the fact that the source comic, created by Robert Kirkman, is still on-going, it’s theoretically possible to keep the series going indefinitely. At least that’s what AMC Networks CEO Josh Kaplan hinted at today while speaking at the Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference. The network definitely hopes that zombies will live forever, since they’re really just beginning to find out what the world of the show is like, according to Kaplan:

…we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that Walking Dead is not over …

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The Walking Dead – What Home Is Complete Without a Life-Size Zombie Child?

teddy-bear-girl-sWhether you realize it or not… the Halloween haunt season is looming off in the distance. If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead,” this is one prop you’re gonna want to grab for your humbly haunted abode.

That’s right, kids; for around 200 bucks you can nab yourself a replica of everyone’s favorite “Walking Dead” scamp, the teddy bear zombie girl!

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