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Steven Yeun’s Top 5 Moments

Steven: “I got to see some of this scene being shot, and for me it was just fun to be in Video Village bothering Ernest and watching. I’m always into the directorial side of things as well, so it was interesting to see what they were able to pull off. It didn’t fail to deliver in scale, it didn’t fail to deliver in energy, and every single person went for it. It was brutal to watch.”

Steven: “Greg Nicotero directed this episode, and he has a hand in everything. All of the walkers. The walker hanging by its intestines, each one that falls through. We did a lot of that scene on green screen because we couldn’t get a helicopter to crash through the roof. Thankfully, we don’t usually have to work on too many green screens. To be able to have pulled that off, that’s a huge win for Stargate Studios (Visual Effects Team), for KNB Effects (Makeup Effects Team), and for Greg. To be able to shoot something as epic as that scene — and doing it on a TV scale — is incredible.”

Steven: “I like this scene because it was simple and effective, and something that really captured Maggie and Glenn’s relationship without beating you over the head. The goal of the scene was nothing great in particular. It wasn’t like, “Save Maggie” or “help Glenn because he’s sick.” It was just a simple slice of life in whatever their everyday is, and we haven’t gotten to see that with Maggie and Glenn. It was an honest scene of what two people that love each other do.”

Steven: “Scott is the best. He’s probably the person I’ve grown the most with on the show. Just being able to watch someone like him — and play opposite him in a lot of important, poignant moments — has been really great for me as an actor. In this particular scene, everything he says is so honest, and for me, it’s just to kind of react to that.”

Steven: “This scene was really fun for me because I like putting my whole body into it. There were a couple of moments where I actually convinced myself that I was choking and had to remind myself that I could breathe. I’ve coughed up things before, but this was crazy, I was pretty much on the ground all day, finding different ways to cough up blood, and before they called action I would turn my face purple. Just make my eyes as bloodshot as possible. Because all of that plays.”

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