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Would Lennie James (Morgan) Return To “The Walking Dead”?

Access Hollywood recently spoke to Lennie James, who played Morgan on “The Walking Dead”:

“Yeah, sure,” Lennie said, when Access Hollywood asked him if he’d be up for going back at some point. “I’ve had nothing but a good time while I was there and ‘The Walking Dead’ family and Andrew Lincoln and everybody down there have been really good to me and good for me, so of course I’d go back.

“I have a lovely time there and [if] they keep writing me stuff that’s like [what] they’ve done in the past, then who would turn that down,” he added.

Asked for his memories of filming the third season episode “Clear”, Lennie told Access , “It was really exciting.”

“It was one of those where you just — you’re excited by… the potential of the scenes that he’d written,” Lennie said, making reference to the writer of the episode, Scott Gimple, who is now the showrunner for “The Walking Dead” Season 4, currently in production in Atlanta.

“It was a fantastic episode and they’d written some really lovely stuff for me to do. All I had to do really was to step up and try not let anybody down,” he said.

A deleted scene from “Clear” features Andrew Lincoln & Lennie James in several intense minutes (with Morgan explaining why he’s still alive, and why he clears) and is included in the “Deleted Scenes” portion of . “The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season” (due out on Blu-ray on August 27)

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